Why VRF?

Why VRF?

Kazi Moinul Hossain Arif Feb 9, 2018 About Air Conditioner 0 Comments

Why we use VRF?

·         If you are concerned about our space for outdoor unit, we recommend you to use VRF. Because a single outdoor can be connected with 16 indoor unit.

·         Its inverter technology offers a very low electric cost. Because its compressor will run when load required. So no need to run every compressor.

·         You can control the whole system by software. So if you are not at home, or abroad no problem you can control the system.

·         You can centralize the system. So you can set desired temperature by zone wise

·         If offers different IDU. This is very much suitable among residendential, commercial and industrial uses.

Where we use VRF?

·         Residence

·         Office space

·         Commercial space

·         Some Industrial aspect

·         Hotel